Evangeline Yeun

Evangeline Yeun

Evangeline Yeun was first introduced to yoga in 2001. Working in the fashion industry, she was always stressed out and discovered that a regular yoga practice calmed her nerves and helped her to feel better about herself. In 2005, she decided to take the plunge. She decided to leave the corporate world and embark on a new adventure by enrolling in the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training.

Since then, Evangeline has taught in San Francisco, Vancouver and now Sydney. Her love of yoga has also expanded into teaching other Yoga styles including Vinyasa, Yin and AntiGravity Yoga. She is inspired by her family and friends and loves to incorporate different styles of yoga into her creative, playful and dynamic classes.

“I love teaching yoga and sharing this passion with others. I strive to remain present and live yoga off the mat. I encourage students to relax, have fun and be themselves.”


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